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School of French is the first website of its kind to absolutely work to the curriculum requirements of the Leaving Certificate French examination. School of French has been launched in response to a request from students to have an accessible database to help them with the Leaving Certificate. There are hundreds of websites which students can navigate in order to help them, but nothing under one roof. School of French provides students with helpful hints on grammar, vocabulary and timing of the paper. In addition, students may purchase sample opinion questions, which shows them the mechanics of the French language. These packs contain 10 sample opinion questions, fully translated with key vocabulary and explanation of constructions used. There are currently 15 packs on sale with additional ones added on a regular basis. As well as this, it is possible for students to have assignments corrected and returned.

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Part Funded by Limerick County Enterprise Board

Part Funded by Limerick County Enterprise Board

School of French
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